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CCL   2018 29( 01)  Published: 22 January 2018
Modulation of the stereoselectivity and reactivity of glycosylation via (p-Tol)2SO/Tf2O preactivation strategy: From O-, C-sialylation to general O-, N-glycosylation
Guang-Jian Liu, Cui-Yun Li, Xiao-Tai Zhang, Wei Du, Zhen-Yuan Gu, Guo-Wen Xing
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 1-10   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.09.034
Abstract |  PDF (866 KB)  ( 35 ) | HTML ( )
We make a review on the progress of the (p-Tol)2SO/Tf2O preactivation strategy for general glycosylation using thioglycosides or sialyl sulfoxide as donors.
Recent advances in mass spectrometry analysis of low molecular weight heparins
Zhangjie Wang, Lianli Chi
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 11-18   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.08.050
Abstract |  PDF (705 KB)  ( 15 ) | HTML ( )
Low molecular weight heparins (LMWHs) are the most widely used anticoagulant drugs produced by chemical or enzymatic modification of parent heparin polysaccharides. The present article reviews recent advances in orthogonal and complementary mass spectrometry (MS) methodologies towards complete elucidation of natural and modified structures in LMWHs that possibly affect the drug quality, safety and efficacy.
Recent progress of fully synthetic carbohydrate-based vaccine using TLR agonist as build-in adjuvant
Zhifang Zhou, Han Lin, Chen Li, Zhimeng Wu
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 19-26   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.09.047
Abstract |  PDF (492 KB)  ( 4 ) | HTML ( )
This review highlights recent advances in developing full synthetic carbohydrate antigen based vaccines, with an emphasis on the structure-activity relationships that provide a primary basis for future vaccine design and immunotherapy developing.
Applications of controlled inversion strategies in carbohydrate synthesis
Wuqiong Song, Juntao Cai, Xiaopeng Zou, Xiaoli Wang, Jing Hu, Jian Yin
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 27-34   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.09.061
Abstract |  PDF (600 KB)  ( 4 ) | HTML ( )
Inversion strategies via sulfonyl groups, oxidation/selective reduction, etc. have been wildly used in introducing functionalities like amino group, abundantly synthesizing rare sugars and constructing the β-configurations in glycosylation.
Approaches towards the core pentasaccharide in N-linked glycans
Ning Wang, Sheng-Tao Li, Tian-Tian Lu, Hideki Nakanishi, Xiao-Dong Gao
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 35-39   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.09.044
Abstract |  PDF (286 KB)  ( 2 ) | HTML ( )
This review focuses on the progresses and challenges in the preparation of Man3GlcNAc2 (M3) which is the core structure in the N-glycan biological pathway. Representative methods and recent reported findings, especially research advances in chemoenzymatic synthesis, are highlighted.
Recent progress on multidimensional construction of helicenes
Wei-Bin Lin, Meng Li, Lei Fang, Chuan-Feng Chen
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 40-46   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.08.039
Abstract |  PDF (665 KB)  ( 3 ) | HTML ( )
Helicenes with unique π-conjugated helical structure and excellent chiroptical properties have received more and more attention. In this review, the idea of multidimensional construction of helicenes and their derivatives was proposed, and the related recent progress was summarized comprehensively.
Recent progress in Ru(Ⅱ)-catalyzed C-H activations with oxidizing directing groups
Zhenrong Wang, Peipei Xie, Yuanzhi Xia
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 47-53   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.018
Abstract |  PDF (737 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
The recent development in Ru(Ⅱ)-catalyzed C-H activations under redox neutral conditions is reviewed. The features and plausible mechanisms for new annulation and olefination reactions are highlighted.
Plasmonic biosensing based on non-noble-metal materials
Jianhua Zhou, Yangyang Wang, Li Zhang, Xuemeng Li
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 54-60   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.09.003
Abstract |  PDF (542 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
This review focuses on the research progress of non-noble-metal materials with nanostructures for plasmonic biosensing. Firstly, the physical and sensing principles of localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensors are briefly introduced; then non-noble-metal materials, such as copper, aluminum, semiconductor, graphene and other materials, for plasmonic sensing are categorized and presented. Finally, a rational discussion about the future prospective of novel materials for plasmonic sensing is given.
N-9 Alkylation of purines via light-promoted and metal-free radical relay
Runze Mao, Lifeng Sun, Yong-Shi Wang, Min-Min Zhou, De-Cai Xiong, Qin Li, Xin-Shan Ye
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 61-64   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.08.005
Abstract |  PDF (263 KB)  ( 13 ) | HTML ( )
A light-promoted approach to the synthesis of N-9 alkylated purine nucleoside derivatives has been developed.
Facile fabrication of branched-chain carbohydrate chips for studying carbohydrate-protein interactions by QCM biosensor
Yuchao Lu, Siyu Song, Chenxi Hou, Shuang Pang, Xueming Li, Xiaowen Wu, Chen Shao, Yuxin Pei, Zhichao Pei
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 65-68   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.08.003
Abstract |  PDF (372 KB)  ( 4 ) | HTML ( )
A novel approach for fabricating branched-chain (BC) carbohydrate chips to study carbohydrate-protein interactions using quantz crystal microbalance (QCM) biosensor was developed. This approach utilizes functional alkynyl-branch molecule modified chip surfaces, which is functionalized with terminal alkynyl group for covalent linking of unprotected azide-carbohydrates via click chemistry.
The rapid assembling of oligosaccharides by the developed HASP strategy
Yunhe Wang, Shuai Meng, Tingting Yue, Shuchun Li, Zhongjun Li
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 69-72   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.09.045
Abstract |  PDF (196 KB)  ( 12 ) | HTML ( )
A nona-mannoside has been assembled rapidly by using a new hydrophobic carrier based on the hydrophobically assisted switching phase strategy.
Synthesis of N-alkyl substituted iminosugars from D-ribose
Haibo Wang, Yang Pan, Qin Tang, Wei Zou, Huawu Shao
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 73-75   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.10.004
Abstract |  PDF (182 KB)  ( 4 ) | HTML ( )
An effective and facile method for the synthesis of N-alkylated hydroxylpyrrolidine and hydroxylpiperidine is described. A number of N-alkyl substituted iminosugars were prepared using iodine-induced intramolecular cyclization of acyclic alkenylamines as key step.
Multivalent neuraminidase hydrolysis resistant triazole-sialoside protein conjugates as influenza-adsorbents
Xin Meng, Meibing Yang, Yang Li, Xiaobin Li, Tianwei Jia, Haojie He, Qun Yu, Na Guo, Yun He, Peng Yu, Yang Yang
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 76-80   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.10.032
Abstract |  PDF (365 KB)  ( 0 ) | HTML ( )
Triazole-sialoside tailored proteins with high hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) binding affinity are prepared. Dynamic light scattering shows that these pseudo-sialylated proteins are ideal virus capture macromolecules.
Synthesis and anti-inflammatory activity of gold-nanoparticle bearing a dermatan sulfate disaccharide analog
Chengxiang Shang, Chao Cai, Cuixia Zhao, Yuguo Du
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 81-83   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.010
Abstract |  PDF (456 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
A novel gold glyconanoparticle coating with DS disaccharide analog has been synthesized, and the potential anti-inflammatory activity was studied using carrageenan-induced paw edema model.
A polysaccharide/tetraphenylethylene-mediated blue-light emissive and injectable supramolecular hydrogel
Qian Zhao, Yong Chen, Yu Liu
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 84-86   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.07.024
Abstract |  PDF (351 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
A luminescent and injectable supramolecular hydrogel was successfully constructed through the non-covalent cross-linking of polymers mediated by tetraphenylethylene-bridged cyclodextrin oligomers, presenting the strong blue fluorescence, the reversible gelation behavior responsive to various external stimuli and the good mechanical property of shear thinning.
Switched enantioselectivity by solvent components and temperature in photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylate with 6A,6X-diguanidio-γ-cyclodextrins
Jigao Yi, Wenting Liang, Xueqin Wei, Jiabin Yao, Zhiqiang Yan, Dan Su, Zhihui Zhong, Guowei Gao, Wanhua Wu, Cheng Yang
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 87-90   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.05.004
Abstract |  PDF (211 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
A series of 6A,6X-diguanidio-g-cyclodextrins (CDs) were synthesized as chiral hosts for mediating the enantiodifferentiating[4+4] photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylic acid (AC). Variation of the temperature and the ammonia contents led to greatly enhanced head-to-head photodimers 3 and 4, companying by inversion of product chirality.
Selective recognition of aromatic hydrocarbons by endo-functionalized molecular tubes via C/N-H… π interactions
Guo-Bao Huang, Wei-Er Liu, Arto Valkonen, Huan Yao, Kari Rissanen, Wei Jiang
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 91-94   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.07.005
Abstract |  PDF (385 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
Aromatic hydrocarbons can be selectively recognized by four endo-functionalized molecular tubes through C/N-H...π interactions in nonpolar media with binding constants up to 1580 L/mol.
pH-Switched fluorescent pseudorotaxane assembly of cucurbit[7]uril with bispyridinium ethylene derivatives
Wei Wu, Sen Song, Xiaowei Cui, Tao Sun, Jian-Xin Zhang, Xin-Long Ni
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 95-98   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.08.049
Abstract |  PDF (346 KB)  ( 2 ) | HTML ( )
1H NMR spectra and fluorescence analysis revealed that the molecular shuttle and pseudorotaxane assembly of Q[7] with guest G2+ can be significantly switched via protonation and deprotonation of the terminal carboxylates of the guest.
β to β Terpyridylene-bridged porphyrin nanorings
Bangshao Yin, Xu Liang, Weihua Zhu, Ling Xu, Mingbo Zhou, Jianxin Song
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 99-101   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.05.003
Abstract |  PDF (210 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
β β to Terpyridine bridged cyclic porphyrin dimer, trimer, tetramer and pentamer were obtained through one-pot Suzuki-Miyaura crossing coupling reaction in good yields with template free. These porphyrin nanorings possess high fluorescence quantum yields and large extinction coefficients.
Simultaneous determination of bisphenols, benzophenones and parabens in human urine by using UHPLC-TQMS
Hongzhi Zhao, Jiufeng Li, Xinli Ma, Wenqian Huo, Shunqing Xu, Zongwei Cai
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 102-106   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.013
Abstract |  PDF (291 KB)  ( 12 ) | HTML ( )
An analytical method for the simultaneous determination of six bisphenols, five benzophenones and seven parabens by using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole mass spectrometry was developed and applied for human urine sample analysis.
Three dimensional phytic acid-induced graphene as a solid-phase microextraction fiber coating and its analytical applications for nerolidol in tea
Shujun Xia, Jing Dong, Yiying Chen, Yiru Wang, Xi Chen
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 107-110   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.10.008
Abstract |  PDF (193 KB)  ( 10 ) | HTML ( )
Three dimensional phytic acid-induced graphene coating was prepared by hydrothermal synthesis and fabricated on a stainless-steel wire as a solid phase microextraction (SPME) coating. Compared with the commercial 100 μm PDMS and 85 μm CAR/PDMS fibers, the home-made SPME fiber exhibited excellent extraction efficiency for the analysis of nerolidol in tea samples.
A voltammetric sensor for simultaneous determination of lead, cadmium and zinc on an activated carbon fiber rod
Wei-Jie Wang, Yan-Ling Cai, Bai-Chuan Li, Jun Zeng, Zhi-Yong Huang, Xiao-Mei Chen
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 111-114   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.05.009
Abstract |  PDF (246 KB)  ( 2 ) | HTML ( )
A simple, low cost and sensitive voltammetric sensor was developed for the simultaneous detection of Pb2+, Cd2+, and Zn2+ based on a disposable carbon fiber rod (CFR). The important factors to enhance the sensing property were creation of a clean surface by dealing with CFR at a high potential and electrochemical deposition of Bi film to improve the accumulation of heavy metal ions.
Chiral derivatization coupled with liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry for determining ketone metabolites of hydroxybutyrate enantiomers
Qing-Yun Cheng, Jun Xiong, Fang Wang, Bi-Feng Yuan, Yu-Qi Feng
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 115-118   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.009
Abstract |  PDF (242 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
With PMP chiral derivatization, the D/L-2HB and D/L-3HB enantiomers can be distinctly determined by reversed-phase chromatographic separation. In addition, the detection sensitivities were greatly enhanced by LC-ESI-MS analysis due to the introduction of easily ionizable tertiary amino group from PMP.
Isatindigodiphindoside, an alkaloid glycoside with a new diphenylpropylindole skeleton from the root of Isatis indigotica
Ling-Jie Meng, Qing-Lan Guo, Cheng-Gen Zhu, Cheng-Bo Xu, Jian-Gong Shi
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 119-122   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.05.019
Abstract |  PDF (271 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
A novel indole alkaloid glycoside with an unprecedented 2-(diphenylpropyl)-indole skeleton, isatindigodiphindoside (1), was isolated from an aqueous extract of the roots of Isatis indigotica. The structure was determined by extensive spectroscopic studies, especially by 2D NMR data analysis combined with enzymatic hydrolysis and ECD calculations. Plausible biosynthetic pathways of compound 1 are also discussed.
Birhodomolleins D and E, two new dimeric grayanane diterpenes with a 3-O-2' linkage from the fruits of Rhododendron pumilum
Rui Zhang, Chunping Tang, Chang-Qiang Ke, Sheng Yao, Ge Lin, Yang Ye
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 123-126   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.07.009
Abstract |  PDF (235 KB)  ( 3 ) | HTML ( )
Two dimeric grayanane diterpenes with a novel 3-O-2 linkage, birhodomolleins D (1) and E (2), were isolated and structurally elucidated from the fruits of Rhododendron pumilum. Their structures were fully determined by comprehensive analysis of spectroscopic data.
Synthesis and antiviral bioactivity of novel chalcone derivatives containing purine moiety
Yan-Jiao Wang, Da-Gui Zhou, Fang-Cheng He, Ji-Xiang Chen, Yong-Zhong Chen, Xiu-Hai Gan, De-Yu Hu, Bao-An Song
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 127-130   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.07.006
Abstract |  PDF (194 KB)  ( 2 ) | HTML ( )
A series of novel chalcone derivatives containing purine group was synthesized and evaluated for their antiviral activities against cucumber mosaic virus and tobacco mosaic virus. Compound 3o exhibited remarkable antiviral activities and strong combining capacity to tobacco mosaic virus coat protein.
Synthesis of quaternary 8-(1-acylethene-1-yl)-13-methylcoptisine chlorides and their selective growth inhibitory activity between human cancer cell lines and normal intestinal epithelial cell-6
Zhi-Hui Zhang, Yu Yan, An-Jun Deng, Hai-Jing Zhang, Zhi-Hong Li, Tian-Yi Yuan, Lian-Hua Fang, Lian-Qiu Wu, Guan-Hua Du, Hai-Lin Qin
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 131-135   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.08.026
Abstract |  PDF (268 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
Quaternary 8-(1-acylethene-1-yl)-13-methylcoptisine chlorides targeting TrxRs were designed and synthesized. An in vitro evaluation for the growth inhibitory activities against cancer cell lines and for the viability of the normal intestinal epithelial cell-6 cell line is reported.
A rapid method for the detection of humic acid based on the poly (thymine)-templated copper nanoparticles
Changbei Ma, Mingjian Chen, Haisheng Liu, Kefeng Wu, Hailun He, Kemin Wang
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 136-138   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.09.012
Abstract |  PDF (206 KB)  ( 2 ) | HTML ( )
A label-free fluorescent method for sensitive detection of humic acid based on poly(thymine)-templated copper nanoparticles is reported.
A pinacol boronate caged NIAD-4 derivative as a near-infrared fluorescent probe for fast and selective detection of hypochlorous acid
Hongjuan Tong, Yajun Zhang, Shengnan Ma, Minghao Zhang, Na Wang, Rui Wang, Kaiyan Lou, Wei Wang
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 139-142   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.07.007
Abstract |  PDF (291 KB)  ( 4 ) | HTML ( )
A pinacol boronate caged NIAD-4 derivative was demonstrated to be a near-infrared fluorescent probe for fast and selective detection of hypochlorite over other ROS species.
Synthesis and characterization of water-soluble PEGylated lignin-based polymers by macromolecular azo coupling reaction
Jilei Wang, Shang Li, Ruiqi Liang, Bing Wu, Yaning He
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 143-146   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.07.008
Abstract |  PDF (279 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
Water-soluble PEGylated lignin polymers were efficiently synthesized by macromolecular azo coupling reaction between alkali lignin and PEG based macromolecular diazonium salts in alkaline water.
Quantum interference effect in the charge transport through single-molecule benzene dithiol junction at room temperature: An experimental investigation
Guogang Yang, Hao Wu, Junying Wei, Jueting Zheng, Zhaobin Chen, Junyang Liu, Jia Shi, Yang Yang, Wenjing Hong
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 147-150   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.015
Abstract |  PDF (310 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
The electrical characterization on single-molecule benzene dithiols with different connectivities showed that the meta-BDT has the lowest conductance, which suggested that there is destructive quantum.
Nucleotide coordination with 14 lanthanides studied by isothermal titration calorimetry
Zijie Zhang, Kiyoshi Morishita, Wei Ting David Lin, Po-Jung Jimmy Huang, Juewen Liu
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 151-156   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.014
Abstract |  PDF (513 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
ITC reveals the increasingly importance of entropy for heavier lanthanides binding to nucleotides. The phosphate group forming chelating effect with purine bases but not with pyrimidines.
Visible light-induced thione-ene cycloaddition reaction for the surface modification of polymeric materials
Li Wang, Yi Wang, Dong Chen, Wantai Yang
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 157-160   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.08.001
Abstract |  PDF (277 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
A feasible method for the surface modification of polymeric materials with LDPE films as model substrates based on visible light-induced thione-ene cycloaddition reaction is proposed.
Polyolefin-functionalized graphene oxide and its GO/HDPE nanocomposite with excellent mechanical properties
Huanmin Li, Xu-Ming Xie
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 161-165   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.001
Abstract |  PDF (444 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
An effective strategy for the polyolefin-functionalized graphene oxide (fGO) using two-step methods has been reported for GO/HDPE nanocomposite with excellent mechanical properties.
In situ polypyrrole polymerization enhances the photocatalytic activity of nanofibrous TiO2/SiO2 membranes
Xiaoqiang Li, Jidong Wang, Zimu Hu, Mengjuan Li, Kenji Ogino
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 166-170   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.05.020
Abstract |  PDF (327 KB)  ( 3 ) | HTML ( )
PPy@TS nanocomposite with enhanced photocatalytic capability was prepared by in situ polymerizing polypyrrole on the surface of TiO2/SiO2 nanofibrous membrane.
Polymer brushes on hydrogen-terminated silicon substrates via stable Si-C bond
Hang Bian, Xiaozhe Dong, Shanshan Chen, Dewen Dong, Ning Zhang
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 171-174   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.05.011
Abstract |  PDF (307 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
A universal and straightforward method for the preparation of polymer brushes via the formation of Si-C bond on silicon substrates through the UV-induced photopolymerization is demonstrated.
Photoresponsive n-channel organic field-effect transistors based on a tri-component active layer
Li-Na Fu, Bing Leng, Yong-Sheng Li, Xi-Ke Gao
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 175-178   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.05.014
Abstract |  PDF (443 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
Photoresponsive OFETs were fabricated based on a tri-component active layer (NDI2OD-DTYM2, spiropyran and polystyrene). The results demonstrated that these OFETs displayed photoresponsive feature to alternate UV and vis light due to the photoisomerization of spiropyran between the closed-ring state and ionic open-ring state.
The enhanced electronic communication in ferrocenemethanol molecular cluster based on intermolecular hydrogen-bonding
Yifan Yang, Qing Zheng, Yuanyuan Yan, Yao Liu, Huibo Shao
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 179-182   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.011
Abstract |  PDF (287 KB)  ( 0 ) | HTML ( )
The electronic communication has been enhanced by regulating the intermolecular hydrogen-bonding in ferrocenemethanol molecular clusters. This enhanced electronic communication facilitates the electron transfer of ferrocenemethanol and increases the standard rate constant of the electron transfer process.
Densely packed overlayer of iron phthalocyanine molecules grown on single-layer graphene
Liwei Liu, Wende Xiao, Jinhai Mao, Haigang Zhang, Yuhang Jiang, Haitao Zhou, Kai Yang, Hongjun Gao
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 183-186   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.012
Abstract |  PDF (374 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
The FePc molecules form a series of order superstructures on single-layer graphene grown on Ru(0001) with increasing molecular coverage.
Enhanced electrochemical performance of SnS nanoparticles/CNTs composite as anode material for sodium-ion battery
Yuanyuan Chen, Bingjie Wana, Tianyi Hou, Xudong Hu, Xin Li, Xiaohong Sun, Shu Cai, Huiming Ji, Chunming Zheng
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 187-190   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.019
Abstract |  PDF (324 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
SnS/CNTs composite as anode for SIBs exhibits high reversible capacity, good cyclability as well as rate performance, which is superior to that of pure SnS. The enhanced electrochemical performance can be attributed to the adding of CNTs as a flexible and conductive structure supporter and the formation of SnS nanoparticles with small diameter.
Palladium-catalyzed 2-pyridylmethyl-directed β-C(sp3)-H activation and cyclization of aliphatic amides with gem-dibromoolefins: A rapid access to γ-lactams
Danni Zhou, Chunxia Wang, Mingliang Li, Zheng Long, Jingbo Lan
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 191-193   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.007
Abstract |  PDF (219 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
The direct Pd-catalyzed β-C(sp3) H activation and cyclization of aliphatic amides bearing a removable 2-pyridylmethyl directing group with gem-dibromoolefins is described for the first time to construct a variety of γ-lactams.
Highly efficient and chemoselective direct aldol reaction of acyldiazomethane with aldehydes promoted by MgI2 etherate
Weipeng Qi, Xiaoqiang Xie, Tengjiang Zhong, Xingxian Zhang
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 194-196   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.04.019
Abstract |  PDF (368 KB)  ( 2 ) | HTML ( )
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310032, China MgI2(Et2O)n promoted aldol condensation of various aldehydes with acyldiazomethane was described in the presence of DIPEA in good to excellent yields under mild conditions with high chemoselectivity.
Room temperature multicomponent synthesis of diverse propargylamines using magnetic CuFe2O4 nanoparticle as an efficient and reusable catalyst
Jia-Yu Zhang, Xi Huang, Qiao-Ying Shen, Jia-Yi Wang, Gong-Hua Song
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 197-200   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.05.012
Abstract |  PDF (197 KB)  ( 2 ) | HTML ( )
We report the magnetic recoverable catalyst (CuFe2O4) catalyzed multicomponent reaction of aliphatic amines, formaldehyde, arylboronic acids and alkynyl carboxylic acids for the synthesis of diverse propargylamines at room temperature.
Magnetic nanoparticles supported cinchona alkaloids for asymmetric Michael addition reaction of 1,3-dicarbonyls and maleimides
Shi-Xuan Cao, Jia-Xi Wang, Zheng-Jie He
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 201-204   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.022
Abstract |  PDF (225 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
New magnetically recoverable cinchona alkaloid organocatalysts have been successfully developed for the asymmetric Michael addition reaction of 1,3-dicarbonyls and maleimides.
The effect of NDGA-modified etchant on the enzymatic degradation resistance and mechanical properties of collag
Shi-Qiang Gong, Zhen-Jie Xue, Shu-Teng Liao, Ya-Bo Wu, Yan Liu
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 205-208   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.08.036
Abstract |  PDF (359 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
Bio-modified etchant can significantly improve the biostability of demineralized dentin collagen matrix, which validates the concept of etch-andcrosslink in dentin bonding.
Tunable amplified spontaneous emissions by dimensional-controlled microcrystal synthesis
Hui-Ying Liu, Ye-Fen Li, Qing-Gang Gao, Zhen-Dong Liu, Hong-Bing Fu
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 209-212   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.002
Abstract |  PDF (323 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
One-dimensional (1D) microwires and 2D microdisks of DMF-HPPO have been selectively prepared by controlling the solution polarity. Tunable amplified spontaneous emissions are achieved and 1D microwire demonstrates sharp splitting photoluminescence peaks around 618 nm, while 2D microdisk shows a red-shifted emission central at 650 nm.
Synthesis of SiO2@SiO2 core-shell microspheres using urea-formaldehyde polymers as the templates for fast separation of small solutes and proteins
Guangping Wan, Hongjun Xia, Jun Wang, Jiawei Liu, Botao Song, Ying Yang, Quan Bai
CCL 2018 Vol. 29 (01): 213-216   DOI:10.1016/j.cclet.2017.06.004
Abstract |  PDF (244 KB)  ( 1 ) | HTML ( )
The monodisperse superficially porous core-shell silica microspheres (CSSMs) with controllable shell thickness and pore size were synthesized by an improved polymerization-induced colloid aggregation (PICA) approach for fast separation of small solutes and proteins.
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