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Chinese Chemical Letters  2019, Vol. 30 Issue (10): 1731-1737    DOI: 10.1016/j.cclet.2019.05.022
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Recent advances on small-molecule fluorophores with emission beyond 1000 nm for better molecular imaging in vivo
Le Tua, Yuling Xub, Qingying Ouyangb, Xiangyang Lic, Yao Sunb
a College of Chemistry, China University of Petroleum, Qingdao 266555, China;
b International Joint Research Center for Intelligent Biosensor Technology and Health, Key Laboratory of Pesticides and Chemical Biology, Ministry of Education, College of Chemistry, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079, China;
c State Key Laboratory Breeding Base of Green Pesticide and Agricultural Bioengineering, Key Laboratory of Green Pesticide and Agricultural Bioengineering, Ministry of Education, Guizhou University, Guiyang 550025, China
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